What happens when a company files a lawsuit against you because you registered some domains that were confusingly similar to their trademark, and they show how important it is in the lawsuit, but then when all the lawsuit settlement is over, the domains you registered were deleted and the company doesn’t secure them at all.

GoDaddy domain buy service says “I don’t think they will accept that offer”

The question is, why would GoDaddy Domain Buy Service Representative give that opinion.  Sounds a bit biased towards the value of down playing domain values. – Interesting that GoDaddy is after those Domain Buy Service fees?

Imagine if the Domain Name Association wrote an article that said “Domain Name Association Survey Reveals Weak Interest in new TLDs”?

How would that be perceived by the public.  That would mean that the public would read that and think to themselves that there’s a lacking of interest, and so therefore, it’s probably not such a hot item to go for since the herd isn’t going in that direction.  Now, on the other hand, if the…Continue Reading…

Imagine someone trying to value your domain based on the number of characters – WHAT A JOKE!

JOKE to VALUE.   Says a 5 Letter domain should be 20,000, and a 12 letter should be $1,000, and then when you have FORSALEBYOWNER.COM, what does that value, jumps to $5MILLION.- – hahahahaha hilarious

Why is bidder alias TARYN bidding up domains on NAMEJET – it’s apparent that Taryn is either the CEO of NAMEJET (AKA: RIGHTSIDE), AKA: ENOM, but how can this be? Wouldn’t this be a Conflict Of Interest?

NameJet should probably think before internally bidding up domains $1 under a bidder’s proxy bid so the bidder’s proxy will be used fully – something feels fishy!!!!

They tested to see if they were domainers by default, and this is what they registered:

New TLDs have made us wonder why so many in a short period of time?

Why I love rejecting GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service Domain Offers that they charge $69 to the Buyer

I love to reject it because this way, the Buyer is out $69.00, GoDaddy collects, and I don’t have to sell any domain name.   GoDaddy Domain Buy Service kind of sucks anyways.

Remembering Leslie Gutowski and her attrocities at Network Solutions