Imagine if the Domain Name Association wrote an article that said “Domain Name Association Survey Reveals Weak Interest in new TLDs”?

How would that be perceived by the public.  That would mean that the public would read that and think to themselves that there’s a lacking of interest, and so therefore, it’s probably not such a hot item to go for since the herd isn’t going in that direction.  Now, on the other hand, if the article says there’s a strong interest, then people (public) would think to themselves that there’s a demand and it’s heavy, and it’s hot, and we all have to get in on it.

So, how do you want your audience to react, just write the articles so you know how they will react once they read it.

That’s how it seems the industries are doing in order to get demand for not so high demand, and same goes for the opposite, when there’s too much demand, they just stay quiet.

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