Will NameJet make less business as a result of their new 2.5% Fee for online payment processing? Yes or No?

NameJet charging more for online payments – Now charging 2.5% for credit card charges and online payment processing. If you buy a domain at $500, you pay $12.50 to process the $500 payment.

In the beginning, in order for WordPress to gain popularity, it gave away its name to bloggers, and then, when it became a successful name in the bloggers’ world, WordPress wants to take its name back – This seems to be the latest from all the touchy WordPress debate on effectively common law usage versus what is in the Public Domain and open-free-to-use names. Customer Support always trying to keep you hanging on the phone

Network Solutions WEB.COM – they all just want to keep upselling somthing, a survey, and customer ticket number, it’s just so irritating.

Junky Domains

Junky Domains on auctions – no good.

GoDaddy auctions sometimes has frivolous inflated bids by internal employees and that’s a no no because some silly domains get bid up to thousands and they didn’t get them from the GoDaddy customer – it was fabricated according to some who’ve experienced $1000 bids for stupid domains.

GoDaddy Domain Buy Service – too much non-sense offers that come through – but Don’t worry, GoDaddy doesn’t care, they still collect $69 fee regardless of any transaction going through.

Autozone wants exclusivity to any company trying to use the word “Zone” in association to transportation – Whatever BULLSHIT!!!

Flippa acquires Domain Holdings

ENOM security alert E-mail received regarding DNS ATTACK today